Vineyard kit: Binder and battery-powered pruning shears


Vineyard kit: Binder and battery-powered pruning shears Description Professional products for Viticulture. Soft grip and durable components.Kit includes 2 batteries, 1 charger, 4 spools of paper tie.Same battery for both.Batteries allow you to work all day.Product guaranteed for 3 years, excluding wear parts. Additional 2 years available on subscription. Batteries [...]

The Battery Tying Machine


The Battery Tying Machine Description Compact device with integrated thread spool.The thread spool is attached directly to the unit, ensuring optimum use.Quick and easy loading system. The "smartcut" system makes it easy to replace the binding spool.Binds branches up to 25 mm in diameter. Adjustable tie tension via LCD display. [...]

La Liga’Vigne


La Liga’Vigne Description of the Liga'Vigne La Liga’Vigne Stylsnaf is a tying / tying pliers for vines with a sturdy construction steel wire. A reliable and easy-to-use mechanical gripper. It saves considerable time thanks to a quick coupler system. For 4500 feet with one tether per foot, [...]



Self-Nailer Description of the Self-Nailer The Stylsnaf Self-Nailer is a heavy-duty steel manual wall stapler. This ergonomic manual stapler gun is ideal for fixing on wood and other materials such as fences, labels, plastic sheeting, carpets, upholstery of boxes, insulation, leather, fabrics, paneling, [...]

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