La Liga’Vigne

Description of the Liga’Vigne

La Liga’Vigne Stylsnaf is a tying / tying pliers for vines with a sturdy construction steel wire.
A reliable and easy-to-use mechanical gripper.
It saves considerable time thanks to a quick coupler system.
For 4500 feet with one tether per foot, only 7 to 8 hours are needed at most.
The required folding time is approximately 14 to 16 hours for 4,500 vines per hectare with 2 ties per shoots / rods per plant, i.e. 9,000 ties.
The work is done with special, biodegradable thread spools. The 80 meter spool allows an attachment of approximately 800 to 1000 links. For the folding of the vines, 5 spools per hectare are sufficient for 4500 links.
When pruning, ties from the previous year can be effortlessly removed with the old wood, without wasting time cutting the thread.

Cost reduction.
Compared to the traditional manual process, which does not require any tools, the use of this Liga ’Vine pliers allows an enormous saving of time.
The price of the pliers is amortized over a minimum of time, thanks to savings in wages and tying wire.

Fatigue-free work with a relaxed body position.
The Liga’Vigne pliers are easy to use and do not require any significant physical effort.
Its weight with spool is approximately 460 g. The spool can be replaced easily and quickly after 800 to 1000 ties. The tool can be used in all weather conditions: rain, wind, cold … and promises a long life.
The Liga’Vigne pliers are very robust for a long life and are easy to repair if necessary.
The centerpieces are in stainless duralumin. The wearing parts are made of high quality steel, refined and hardened. All the parts can be replaced inexpensively very easily by yourselves.

The cost of the clamp is amortized over a minimum of time and allows a reduction in costs, thanks to a saving of time and its simplest tying wire.

How to use the Liga’Vigne

Place the pliers in the open position, far over the branch wire and the branch …
Close the clamp without forcing until the thread is caught in the cross.
Open the clamp again and pull it back so that you can close it close in front of the branch wire and the branch. The closer you are to the branch, the tighter the bond will be.
Then close the clamp without forcing until a slight click is produced. The loop is now taken in the head and the thread is cut.
Open the clamp again and pull it back to the open position until the loop is removed from the head.
Start slowly the first time to familiarize yourself with the pliers and after a few uses you will be quick and efficient.

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