Automatic adhesive tape dispenser


The Stylsnaf automatic adhesive tape dispenser allows automatic adhesive advance.
3 adjustable and predefined cutting lengths 30, 45 and 90 mm and continuous length.

This automatic tape dispenser is intended for dispensing standard adhesive tape. It is an ideal tool for bakers, florists, funeral directors but also secretaries, administrative agents or handlers etc. regularly using adhesive tapes in their activities.
This adhesive cutting tool will prove very useful on shipping chains or for closing small boxes and packages.

The main advantage of this industrial adhesive dispenser is the considerable time savings for the user. Repetitive scotch dispensing can be long and tedious. This tool makes it possible to overcome these problems by automatically dispensing pieces of tape at the desired length.

Thanks to its photoelectric detection cell, the distribution of adhesive tapes is made fluid and very simple. The user will automatically see a new piece of tape appear once the previous one has been collected.

This electric tape dispenser for adhesive tapes offers tapes dispensing at programmed lengths. The device has a selector of 3 lengths, 30 mm, 45 mm and 90 mm but also pieces of tape of shorter or longer lengths, a button is available for continuous dispensing when the button is held down. This standardization of cutting lengths has been devised in order to suit the regular uses of the various operators. Whatever the user’s task, he will obtain a clean and precise result that will facilitate the performance of his duties.

The rollers of the device have also been designed to distribute a straight and perfectly even adhesive strip. Using this tool avoids the many mess that comes with collecting pieces of scotch tape.

Another advantage of this automatic unwinder is that it allows one-handed operation. Very stable despite low weight, the user can collect adhesives with one hand and complete another task with the second.

Power supply: works with 220 V> 4.5 V mains transformer conforming to CE standard (included) or with 3 LR20 1.5 V batteries (not included)

This tool is therefore a versatile and very practical instrument, which will offer its users a significant saving in time.

How to use

Once your scotch dispenser is plugged in and installed, choose the mode that suits you. By moving the selector you will therefore have the choice between the lengths 30 mm, 45 mm and 90 mm. For judgmental dispensing, press the oval button on the front of the device. Dispensing will be pressing all the time and will stop when the button is released. Finally, proceed with the cut by pulling your piece of tape slightly downwards to accompany it on the notched blade of the device. A new piece of adhesive will then appear.

Positioning and loading the coil
The installation of the automatic tape dispenser is very simple. You will first have to connect the device to the mains, or place the corresponding batteries there.
Take the detachable hub of the electric unwinder and place your adhesive reel around it. Be sure to check that the tape roll is oriented so that dispensing is from the top of the spool. Then peel off the end of your tape and walk there to the metal drive rollers. Finally, press the “advance” button to bring out your tape on the other side of the dispensing cassette. Your automatic adhesive tape dispenser is then ready for use.

Maintenance and cleaning:
Its maintenance is easy.
Avoid contact with blades and electrical systems.

It is advisable to clean your scotch dispenser with a dry cloth.

It is also recommended to remove the adhesive roll from the device when it is not in use. This action prevents the build-up of glue residue on the blade of the electric reel.

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