The Rotating Gripper


The Stylsnaf Rotating gripper allows the attachment of welded mesh, reinforcing bars, fencing and stakes.
Can be attached with single, double or triple steel wire of different diameters in a single ligature without the need to cross the wires
Fast, easy and reliable.

This rotary clamp is the essential tool for masons, swimming pool specialists (manufacturer of swimming pools), farmers, landscapers, green spaces, etc.

It has a handle with pivot allowing the wire to be twisted and cut.
With the possibility of tying with single, double wires of 0.8 mm in diameter with a single tie, without the need to cross the wires.
This pliers is a tool which has features of safety, reasonable structure, advanced technology, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency and time saving.

This tool allows you to cut, twist and tie and wire in seconds. A simple pulling motion of the top rotary handle rotates the clamp, tying soft threads as well as thicker threads around any object.

Able to withstand high load levels, its precision heat-treated steel is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Wherever a tether is needed, the Stylsnaf rotary gripper will save you time.

How to use

Open the jaw of the rotary clamp to attach the wire.
First cut the thread by tightening the pliers, lock the clamping lever and finally pull the upper rotary handle. The pliers turn and tie the thread. It’s very simple.

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