Plant pliers


The Stylsnaf plant pliers for staking, trellising, attaching vines and young plants for your vineyards.
With this professional knotting tool, you can easily tie your vines or plants. Easy to use and easy to transport, this tool helps with great efficiency and does not harm the vine or other type of plants.
Used to fix grapes, but also tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers and plant branches.
This tying stapler makes the training of your plants much more efficient than using cable ties and cable ties.
Save time: When we’re busy winegrowers or farmers, we don’t have time to waste with tools.
Maximum efficiency binding machine for binding work in all types of plants, orchards, gardens, vineyards, etc. It is used with ribbons.
Made of stainless steel, it provides a secure tie-down, ensuring the safety of precious vines and trees.

How to use

You must first remove the strap from the planting pliers and then insert the branch into the strap, press and release the binding machine. And your plants are packaged efficiently.

Material: stainless steel + plastic; Size: Total 33 * 16cm (approx)

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