Distrifilm – Small format

Description of the Distrifilm – Small format

The Small Format Distrifilm  Stylsnaf is a robust and practical film dispenser for easy distribution of cling film or aluminum foil.

This film dispenser is the essential tool for bakers, cooks, caterers, greengrocers, butchers, etc. many of whom have already trusted Stylsnaf products for over 40 years.

Thanks to its patented stainless steel blade hidden and secure, cutting the stretch film or aluminum foil is perfect for every use and effortlessly.

Protected from dust, projections or tearing, the consumables are optimally protected, which meets the HACCP method, thus providing perfect hygiene.

It is the ideal accessory for individuals or craftsmen wishing to bet on quality.
Indeed, it allows you to wrap your food and film your containers with one hand.
In addition, the small pads placed below it give it a grip on your worktop. It can be transported and stored very easily.

Thanks to its ease of use it does not tear the film which reduces waste.
The rolls of cling film and aluminum foil are protected against the risks of tearing, soiling and multiple contamination thanks to its washable ABS casing, even in the dishwasher.

It allows food to be wrapped or containers to be filmed in a single gesture thanks to its clean cut.

High quality plastic, health and environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, safe to use and reusable.
Effectively avoid dust, antibacterial, safety and health. Easy to store, suitable for most kitchen drawers.

Its integrated and hidden stainless steel blade makes it safe to use without getting cut.

How to use the Distrifilm – Small format

By gently pushing the blade of the Distrifilm – Small format, you can easily achieve a nice precision cutting of stretch film, aluminum films.
Its handling is simple and fast.

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